our breath is poetry

our heartbeat, revolution

— Tasha Spillett


Celebrated Educator and Speaker on Indigenous Education, Indigenous Women and Girls, Anti-Racism and Decolonization

Indigenous Women & Girls

Tasha’s work is most heart-tied to the liberation of Indigenous women and girls. This includes writing, thinking and speaking on traditional teachings, the MMIWG2S epidemic, Indigenous motherhood and the role of Indigenous women in political movements.

Indigenous Land-Based Education

Tasha holds a Master’s of Education degree in Indigenous Land Based Education, and is currently continuing her study as a PhD candidate. She firmly believe that knowledge comes up through the land, but that we have to put our bodies back on the Land to pick it up.

Anti-Racism + Decolonization

Tasha understands that BIPOC people are experts in their own experiences, and uses both a story-telling and anti-racism theory approach to teach about anti-racism and decolonization, and how to push back against all forms of oppression.